Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Validation of Blogging?

We enjoy from time to time the rantings of Michael Laws who seems to have an opinion on most topics of consequence - even the personal idiosyncrasies of bloggers:
“Blog­gers” are opin­ion­ated losers who spend way too much time in dark­ened rooms. They have porn addic­tions, sta­ple microwave pizza to their bibs, are blub­bery and smell.

This pecu­liar purview has been harbored ever since blog­ging became the online onanism. Which was the first day some idiot decided to anony­mously opine and imag­ined that peo­ple gave a continental.

I’m prob­a­bly still right. If I was to take a cross-section of blog­gers I’d wager that most don’t have a part­ner or a wardrobe, are in des­per­ate need of a stom­ach sta­ple and regard deodor­ant as the devil’s snare. They would also be exceed­ingly jeal­ous of each other: like lit­er­ary fic­tion writ­ers. Too many only chil­dren, I suspect.
OK, Michael has a few things wrong (we won't say which ones), however the one thing that gives us obsessive bloggers a wee thrill, is our mere mention on other blogs AND in the print media. Sorta alleviates some of those anxiety and validation issues...

So we were delighted to feature in the Tourism Business Magazine this month in a collection of blog and tweet profiles under the headline "Useful business blogs and tempting tweets."

Tourism Business Magazine is a great read and we suggest that you all go forth a purchase a copy - once you have, please correct our blog address on page 7 that was %*#@! misprinted!

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