Thursday, February 4, 2010

We're back!

We are finally back at the motel and busy catching up...

Taking a regular break in this game is necessary for the sanity, however it takes a lot of planning before and some time after to attend to matters neatly piled up by our motel minders.

We often joke to our minders as we leave on holiday about the disasters that they may have to endure. Previously, while looking after our motel  they have experienced a major earthquake, storms that closed roads, a burst pipe that flooded unit, a commercial dryer imploding and even the threat of tsunamis. Luckily, the only disaster that occurred while we were away was a small fire in one of our units. One of our first jobs was to get the unit back into operation and prepare an insurance claim. I think the only disaster left that our hapless minders may have yet to contend with while looking after our motel is a plague of locusts. Watch this space!

Our household has lost the boisterous activities of my son, as he has been deposited back at his boarding school. My daughter has started intermediate school and seems to have been lucky by being assigned a good teacher in the lottery that is state education.

With the return of school, the rhythm of the motel has changed. This is the most popular month for our kiwi comfortable retirees that launch their highly polished Honda Civics on an impromptu road trip. Couples from overseas continue to travel and we welcome back with open arms our core rep market.

I have a feeling it's gonna be a great year! 

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