Saturday, February 13, 2010

Leaky Building Syndrome?

We note that the Hilton in Auckland have closed 12-rooms on the seaward bow of the hotel to repair a major leak problem.

Mrs Motella and I stayed there a few years ago and for a "new" building it was showing some subtle signs wear and tear back then. The Hilton is situated in a fantastic part of Auckland and juts out into an exposed harsh marine environment. The building would need an extensive maintenance schedule to keep it looking sharp and watertight!

One unique aspect that we wonder may have contributed to the repairs that are now necessary, became apparent to us during our stay. After admiring the twinkling lights of Devonport from our balcony at night, we were awoken early the next morning by an enormous passenger ship parallel parking outside our room. 

What amazed us was the intensity of the seismic vibration that went through the building as the ship nudged the wharf. After turning to my wife and asking the the obligatory question; "did the earth move for you too?" I can remember wondering what ongoing damage this would be doing to the building?

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