Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Desire Love Motel

Thursday, 12 May was a very special day in the motel industry.

This was the day when the Desire Love Motel finally opened it's doors on the Auckland's North Shore!

Yes folks, this is a brash and brassy new motel concept with a few kinky twists thrown in.

Since a brothel licence for the motel failed a year ago, council planners have been finally satisfied after an elongated battle and the concerns of neighboring businesses and nearby residents have been largely overcome. 

The motel's backers have consistently downplayed the motel's prostitution angle throughout their trial by media. They have insisted that the motel's core business will cater for couples that require a private rendezvous to bond and spend time together in themed guest rooms that are let by the hour - Just like the successful Love Hotels in South America and Asia.

From the outside the Desire Love Motel doesn't use flashing red neon or gaudy signs and discretely blends into a bleak Glenfield light-industrial culdesac.

Step inside through the main entrance (or via the obligatory discrete rear entrance) and you will be taken into another world of glitter balls, coloured flouro and strategically placed mirrors. There are 6-themed rooms that are"tastefully decorated to deliver a luxury fantasy experience like no other" and a separate space specially designed for parties.

It is unclear if it will be compulsory to check-in to the Desire Love Motel with a partner. It was earlier reported that if a single gentleman turned up at the motel after forgetting to bring along a partner, the motel would conveniently keep a few spare ladies for such occasion. Presumably these ladies could be kept in the motel storeroom with the spare light bulbs, cleaning materials and linen supplies. 

When times are tough (we're talking financial here) there is a school of thought that entrepreneurs should be shifting their money into liquor stores, gambling, cinemas, video games, DVDs and the the sex industry.

As a motelier dealing with a fickle public that often struggle to recognise value, the published room rates at the Desire Love Motel really turns me on!

Will the Desire Love Motel get off the ground and become a leading groundbreaking new spin on commercial accommodation? If it does, those 6-rooms are going to be working hard!

We welcome our naughty new motel-cousins to the industry and wish them all success in their venture!

For a walk-through of the Desire Love Motel, Click HERE.

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