Wednesday, May 11, 2011

In a shock move...Motella backs Labour!

We see that Hone Harawira has resigned from Parliament today committing the hapless taxpayer to a large bill in order to stroke his narcissism.

In a rare showing of efficiency, Labour have already primed MP Kelvin "Little School" Davis to stand against Harawira in the Te Tai Tokerau by-election.

Davis is Labour's spokesman for Special Education, Associate Spokesperson for Māori Affairs and shadows John Key in the Tourism portfolio. As is usual with a Labour MP, Davis has yet to step outside the security blanket of state funding and has no experience running is own business. 

In an unprecedented move, we see that right-wing bloggers are crossing over to the the dark side and are joining forces to back Davis in order to block Harawira's self-absorbed wet-dream of using the parliamentary system to fund his muddled mandate.

We reckon that Harawira may have overestimated the appeal of his confusing political brand of radical racial entitlement coupled with extreme socialism. Without Maori Party endorsement, Davis should push Harawira hard.

Although it pains us to back a typical Labourite that hasn't produced anything in his life, the prospect of the alternative toxic candidate wrestling his way back into the trough would be unfortunate. 

*Choke* We say, go Davis! 


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