Monday, May 23, 2011

Wellywood - We love it!

OK, I'll admit it - In spite the overwhelming howling from folk that are giving Wellington Airport's newly announced "Wellywood" sign the thumbs down - We love it!

Admittedly this has been a PR Fail and we question the wisdom of a private company spending several hundred thousand dollars on this project, however as long as no public funding is involved,  we say bring it on.

Does the growing public backlash give us an insight into the Kiwi psychology? Do we take ourselves too seriously? Are we not able to laugh at ourselves? Are we too insecure about what others may think and not understand irony?

Although the Wellington Airport is stooping to the level of the whingers by getting all politically correct suggesting the sign is "designed to celebrate the capital's creativity" and "a salute to the capital's film industry," we take the proposed sign at face value: It's simply taking the p*ss and we can see nothing wrong with that.

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