Monday, May 2, 2011

Kids Stay Free?

There seems to be a growing phenomenon of parents not including children when they make accommodation reservations - In particular when they make reservations online.

Are parents genuinely ignorant and assume that accommodation providers will magically produce additional complimentary beds for children, in any room type when they only reserve a room for themselves? Or are parents blinded by saving a few bucks by not entering all persons staying when making an online reservation?

After enduring the school holidays, a usually mild-mannered, good friend of the Motella Blog contacted us and pointed out this annoying trend:
"Can someone please, please tell me why suddenly New Zealanders are no longer including children or toddlers in their head count when booking units on line -- It used to be this practice was confined to a small number of overseas visitors...It does seem strange in this day and age when our over liberal society has all but given the vote to children, that they are not to be considered at all when booking a motel unit. We prefer to charge extra for anyone under 3 foot, (not offer free accommodation)as we have noted they create far more work for our cleaning staff. Come on Mum's and Dad's you dont mind your wonderful prodgeny ruining a perfectly decent night out to dinner, but you dont feel them worthy of including in your family head count on holiday.


Motelier clearly in need of holiday!!!!"

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