Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hospo Employer Rights Challenged

We are following the story about the hospitality worker that claims she was "humiliated" by her former boss after he allegedly made her cover up a tattoo on her forearm with a staff uniform provided for her during a catering function.

The outcome of the case before the Human Rights Commission will be most interesting and will be applicable to motel housekeeping staff.

It has been reported that the worker was told by her boss to wear a three quarter sleeve uniform to cover a tattoo on her forearm. Although we respect that the tattoo may have a self-imposed spiritual significance to the employee, we reckon her employer made a reasonable request.

We feel sorry for the hapless employer that is being dragged through the courts for the sake of indulging what appears to be a somewhat precious and self-righteous former employee.

In the hospo industry it is accepted that an employee's individual expression should be left at the gate. They should look, talk and act in a way that is reasonable and acceptable to the environment they are working in. Particular attention must be taken when workers deal with or are in view of the public. In general it is accepted that staff should wear a well presented uniform, tie their hair back, and remove caps. Piercings and excessive jewellery should be removed and staff should not swear, chew gum, swear, spit, wander around clutching cell phones AND keep tattoos covered...

We hope that the former employee's case is dismissed, she is told to harden-up and not waste the time of productive members of society - we are not holding our breath.

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