Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It's Our Birthday!

Today is Tuesday the 2nd of August. It may be just another relentless day at the cutting edge of the dynamic accommodation industry, however today is significant - It's also our third birthday!

Yep, today The "Motella" Blog is three years old and we will be celebrating in our own understated style at Motella HQ with a small gathering of luminaries. 

Three years ago we created "Motella" and we fear that it now has a life of its own. It's become its own identity that can say some things that we can never say ourselves. 

Why do we do it?

For all sorts of reasons. Because we can, because no one else is doing it, ego, the passion we have for our industry, enjoyment and a bit of self-therapy...

We hope that "Motella" will continue to be a lone independent voice making pithy observations on news, views and politics loosely connected to of New Zealand's Motel Industry.

And we also intend to take the p*ss and have some FUN along the way.

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