Monday, August 29, 2011

What's up with those insidious My Family stickers on cars?

With my boy away at boarding school, my household has an unfortunate gender imbalance. 

While my back was turned the sisterhood decided that it would be a nifty idea if they purchased a "My Family" sicker set and attach this cutesy abomination to the rear windsceen of "my" car.

The My Family car stickers are much like the graphic above and you can choose a quirky stick-figure persona for each family member and order online  (No I'm NOT going to link to their website!). 

I've noticed that there is a worrying trend of these girly stickers regularly making appearances in my motel car park. Of particular amusement is when a male sales-rep turns-up with one of these stickers prominently displayed on his car that effectively shouts to the world that he is severally whipped in his home environment. If you drive a hideous people mover or a Toyota Prius, then you are a prime candidate to affix these lame and masterbatery stickers.

If you have any pride left in you, I implore you join me and resist the insidious creep of My Family stickers that are defacing cars everywhere.

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