Tuesday, November 20, 2012

BBQ At Cunliffe's Place!

Oh dear....there is a certain smug satisfaction in witnessing the Labour Party implode.

In the latest chapter of the elongated Labour leadership clusterfuck, David "Silent T" Cunliffe after bottling a strike at the top job has been stripped of his portfolios.

Apparently we are to believe that the Labour caucus are still rigid after David Shearer's well-rehearsed one-off speech that closed the their weekend's conference and they have unanimously backed their Dear Leader...for now.

Will this really end the speculation that Cunliffe may have a crack at the leadership when the real votes are counted in February 2013?

All pressure will now fall on Shearer to do what he has yet to demonstrate - to act as a competent leader in waiting. Unfortunately one isolated speech does not maketh a leader.

The leadership is for Shearer to loose. Between now and the mandatory leadership vote in February next year, the Labour caucus are at risk of one-by-one skulking across to Camp Cunliffe following every awkward stuttering performance from Shearer.

Meanwhile, after being excused from the burden of arduous work, Cunliffe can relax. He now has more time on his hands to work on his beard that will give the appearance he has a chin and start counting numbers at a few Summer BBQs he'll be hosting at his modest mansion in Herne Bay.

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