Friday, November 23, 2012

Motel Merchant Services

With the internet making the world a smaller place, there is the possibility that it will soon become viable to consider a whole new range of companies that offer merchant services.

It is interesting to contemplate what sort of technology motels will be using in the near future to extract funds from guests.

The introduction of chip and PIN cards are now becoming standard with only a few magnetic stripe cards still in circulation. With security issues aside, the chip and PIN process doesn't seem to be anymore efficient or quicker than swiping a card's magnetic stripe and getting the customer to sign.

Tap and Go contactless cards that allow customers to wave their cards within a few centimeters of a scanner looks the next likely mainstream payment option that may graduate from being currently used for low purchase items such as bus fares and coffee purchases.

This method of payment is quick and easy as no PIN or signature is required. This system is not restricted to cards, as it is possible for card issuers to embed the same RFID antennas used on cards into stickers—enabling consumers to then turn any item into a contactless credit card by applying the sticker - ie: Key tags.

The real push for contactless payment technology will be via mobile devices that have NFC ability. If security protocols can be worked out, stepping out without a wallet full of cash or cards makes sense, as most folk already carry a mobile device and using these to make purchases should fit into most lifestyles.

So, the smart money will be on scanners becoming commonplace at motel receptions in the not so distant future...

But what if it were possible to step out for a night on the town without carrying a wallet or a mobile device? Maybe that form-fitting dress or those low riding slim-line pants are unable to contain any carry-on luggage....

If you are a cool, young hipster, maybe you will be attracted to a new payment system that allows your funds to be instantly extracted from your account by paying with your fingerprints.

Out of left-field, Paytouch make a compelling case for their new payment technology that they've showcased at a hotel in Ibiza.

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