Friday, November 9, 2012

Motel Check-out

The 10am checkout at a motel seems to suit most guests and we are happy to extend this when asked.

Sometimes it's difficult to evacuate some guests that tend to linger. I guess I should be grateful that they enjoy my hospitality so much, but they always seem to be occupying the very room that is urgently needed for an incoming guest.

Why is it that the stereotypical unarranged late checkout occurs with a single male sales rep that checks-in early morning the day before? The morning check-in process is highlighted by the sales rep whinging how busy he is - after escorting him to his room he spends most of the day lounging around watching TV, raiding the vending machine and sucking the motel's WiFi.

Unfortunately the next morning, the same sales rep never seems to have any pressing appointments to attend and after consuming a large cooked breakfast that contains everything on the menu, he becomes wedged in his room with the curtains drawn.

While I generally leave these folk to wallow amongst their takeway wrappers from the night before, sometimes when I really need the room I have to engage in some polite suggestive conversation.....when in reality I'd prefer to use the following motel room evacuation technique:

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