Monday, November 12, 2012

Motel Cooking

A point of difference with motels compared with other accommodation sectors is the proliferation of self-catering facilities available in motel guest rooms.

More often than not, the kettle and coffee plunger will be the only self-catering items used in a motel unit, however a hard core of guests insist on whipping up culinary delights in microwaves, cooktops and ovens while away from home.

One of the last things a motelier wishes to experience is the whiff of a cook-up wafting from one of his guest rooms at night. It's a clarion call - to get more staff on the next day. When it comes to servicing the room afterwards it doesn't take a CSI team to work out what went on before, with the tell-tale trial of food ingredients that are liberally splattered and exotic cooking smells that are left behind.

Keeping a guest room clean and fresh takes a lot of time, effort and money, so the perennial self-catering guests are encouraged.... not to use the facilities in the room.

That's why many motels have an extensive compendium of local restaurants, offer meal chargeback/delevery services and even a guest BBQ to minimise self-catering clean-up.

Why anyone would be so mean-spirited to cook in a motel room is beyond me.

It is good to see that the pioneering human spirit for guests to go out of their way to self-cater to save a couple of bucks seems to be alive and well within the hotel sector as well ;-)

Warning: Accommodation operators will cringe while watching this:

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