Thursday, November 8, 2012

Down and out in the Romney Motel

Sitting on an iconic American pathway, Route 66, the lonely, once-proud Romney Motel sits as a shadow of its former self. The once proud thriving business that promised so much is now passed by motorists without a second glance on their way to Sin City- a faded echo of a bygone era.

The Romney Motel features, warm, inviting staff and free wireless internet. Rates start from a modest $39.50 and small pets are welcome. In-room amenities include: color TV (Free 105 Channels), air conditioning and alarm clock.

Don't bother to book...there appears to be plenty of vacancies.
"What more fitting metaphor to that billion-dollar campaign? In and out; all things to all people; preferably cash (so the profits may be shipped to the Cayman islands); a sleepover and then on to other things, from the "5-point plan" to Binders Full of Women, from "Corporations are people" to the 47%, from the US$10,000 bet to a trade/currency war with China on day one.

The Romney motel has plenty of vacancies, pets OK (even the strapped-to-the roof kind); as for the 47% on the move, be it the U-Haul or the trucker kind, better park in rear. The motel is as vacant as the Romney campaign...."

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