Sunday, November 11, 2012

Motel Recycling

Unfortunately at our motel we have a large double garage. From memory, I don't think a car has ever been parked in it.

Our garage is where old motel chattels that "may have a use one-day" go to die. The trouble is that once these items go in, they never tend to come out again for any useful purpose.

Lurking in darkened corners of our garage are old carpet remnants, toasters, kettles, beds, clock radios, TVs, coffeee tables, headboards and piles of other unloved motel chattels past their use-by date.

In a moment of inspiration, I wondered what would happen if I extracted a token motel treasure from our garage and left it on the side of the road?

I started with an old computer desk that was within easy reach (a recent addition a few years ago), rolled it out to the side of the road and waited to see what would happen:

Inspired, we've wheeled out several other items this afternoon and have provocatively placed them on the side of the road with that emotive come-hither "FREE" sign. This has given us wonderful entertainment as enthusiastic Sunday drivers screech to a stop to hoover up the piles of discarded chattels, faster than we could get them out for display.

Now I've got a small but perfectly formed gaping space in my garage.....ready for the next influx of discarded motel chattels that "may have a use one-day".

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