Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Reponsible Tourism Distraction

We have expressed our disquiet with the hijacking of Qualmark's assessment criteria by environmental idealism. (Refer to our previous posts here and here).

We have suggested that Qualmark have lost focus on their core quality benchmarking business and are being distracted by amplifying the myths of climate change.

We have kept score on Qualmark's continuing dark green obsession by monitoring the content of their newsletters distributed to license holders.

How many times is "Responsible Tourism" mentioned compared to the word "Quality?"
  • August Newsletter “Responsible Tourism” 16 / "Quality” nil
  • October Newsletter "Responsible Tourism” 11 / "Quality" 7
  • November Newsletter “Responsible Tourism” 11 / "Quality” 4
We were somewhat encouraged with Qualmark's reintroduction of the word "Quality" in their October newsletter, however with the arrival of Qualmark's November newsletter yesterday our optimism was short-lived.

In a time of worldwide financial meltdown, the motel industry needs to focus on economic sustainability. This will require an urgent focus on profitability and quality. Trade Associations have a role in promoting profitability. Qualmark have a core role in benchmarking quality.

Star rating political opinions of environmentalists has no place in a credible quality rating system and should be separated from Qualmark's Quality assessmnet criteria forthwith.

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