Wednesday, March 2, 2011 Mateship - Part 2

On Tuesday we published a post about Aussie OTA, that has been accused of offhand treatment of a Christchurch motel "in their darkest hour." 

In our post we suggested that contact us with their side of the story...

In the interim we see that Whaleoil has tagged-teamed the story by including in a running series of posts that highlight the highs and lows of the Christchurch earthquake: "Mates and Not Mates"  

It is ironic that that reside in the blogosphere now have to share this space with unflattering remarks after allegedly treating a Kiwi motelier with indifference.

Whaleoil's blog has a greater readership than most individual MSM publications in New Zealand and we now see his post has managed to make page 1 of Google when browsing

Another Google search that brings up some interesting results is: NFWAB!

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