Thursday, March 24, 2011

Darren Hughes Checks-out

Loving the Darren Hughes saga and the commentary second-guessing what may have happened after an 18-year old male went home with Hughes in the early hours after a night on the tiles.

Was the 18 year old's personal responsibility neutralised by his naivety and the undue influence of an intoxicating senior member of the Labour party? Did Hughes lash-out inappropriately once behind closed doors? or did the young 18 year-old Labour party stooge get a bit flustered and have a sudden change of heart?

There is a certain irony that this story may have been projected differently if Hughes had managed to pull an 18-year old female.

The real story is how Labour handles the aftermath. Is this incident that has been kept under wraps until now, enough to roll Fail-Goff as leader?

Meanwhile we see that Whaleoil is kindly offering a rare olive branch to the Labour Party by offering some training videos that will assist them with their media spin as this sordid little story unfolds: 

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