Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Been called by NZ Key List yet?

Motels seem to be a favourite target of telemarketers that attempt to sell worthless listings on online directories.

We have posted before about the dodgy activities of National Business Online (NBO), NZ Look and

All of these web-based directories have offered listings of dubious value by using questionable sales techniques. As soon as one online directory fades into the ether another seems to take its place. 

Our good friends at the NZ Scams To Avoid blog have alerted us to a new directory called  that seems to have striking similarities to the aforementioned directories. We won't link to but hope that the gatekeepers at Google will elevate us in their search rankings so that when business owners search for they will trip across this post.

We hear that telemarketers are methodically making unsolicited phone calls to Kiwi businesses right now and are busy populating the with listings. Some business owners will pay but most of the listings that appear on the site are added gratis to add legitimacy.

The surprisingly familiar offer is for small business owners to buy a listing for one year and get one for free. But don't worry if you don't buy now, they'll list your business anyway. The trouble is that they will soon return with a high-pressure sales patter to "renew" your listing.

For what's it worth, if call and offer you a listing on their obscure directory - we suggest you don't bother....and please feel free to contact us with your experience.

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