Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sexy Motel Batcave

If I had to choose my favourite superhero it would have to be that brooding alter-ego man in black, Batman. So the next time I'm looking for a motel to stay in Kaohsiung City Taiwan, I'll be definitely checking-out the Eden Motel.

Holly Batcave! One of the 46 theme rooms at the Eden Motel has been tricked out in a full-on tribute to the Caped Crusader, complete with a couch modeled after the Batmobile that juts out from one of the rough, cement-like walls.

We are a big fan of theme-rooms and this has to be one of our favourites - So outrageously silly, but seriously well done.

The best part is that this motel conveniently rents by the hour, which means there's a low commitment factor if you're not, uh, satisfied. Second best part? Around the holidays, the motel gives away "lubrication, sexy lingerie and other perks." 

If you can convince the wife to slip into that Catwoman outfit, the tariff of USD$50 for a three-hour block represents excellent value...

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