Sunday, March 6, 2011

Stoic Cantabrians

Facebook friends, Jeff and Naomi are a switched-on couple that own and operate CentrePoint on Colombo Motel.

What we like about this iPhone wielding dynamic-duo is that they do not quite fit the usual stereotype of a "motella" couple. Maybe its their fresh perspective after returning home from living 18 years in Japan? Whatever it is, their positive and can-do attitude is infectious. 

For a little over a year they have been enthusiastically promoting their business and sharing a little bit of themselves on social networks. For a motel business this is not easy to do. Finding the right voice is extremely difficult and the pressure of magically coming up with engaging content while running a motel can be daunting.  In a world of emerging new communication it's a skill that the motel industry quickly needs to develop. At the moment, we reckon that Jeff and Naomi are the only examples of inspirational moteliers that have successfully adapted social networking into their marketing mix. 

Jeff and Naomi have managed to provide regular compelling content from day one, however their environment started to dramatically change late last year and the content uploaded to their social networks has reflected this. 

The CentrePoint on Colombo Motel is one of four motels operating within the Christchurch central city cordon. Their beautiful city has been ripped apart however their motel has been fortunately spared and is not structurally damaged. After sending their children away, Jeff and Naomi have courageously battled-on at the motel by rolling up their sleeves and are stoically getting through the necessities of running a business in challenging times.

In spite of the emotion of looking after family, losing fellow Cantabrians, the trauma of the quake itself and enduring the cruel torture of continuing aftershocks, it's business as usual at the front-of-house as Jeff and Naomi cheerfully host and care for others.

We were pleased when we saw that Jeff managed to make page three of the Christchurch Press with his regular quirky early-morning social networking updates. This would have given them a wee chuckle and a brief respite:
Making the MSM is social media gold. Good on-ya folks!

We suggest that you check-in to Jeff and Naomi's blog, Facebook or Twitter account and tell them that you're thinking of them...

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