Sunday, March 6, 2011

We Are The Future

The MO was to film a bunch of self-absorbed, precocious child actors reading a prepared script laden with trendy marketing-babble on what the media landscape will be like in ten years time. The video was produced to generate debate and promote a media and marketing agency. 

The video has gone viral and has created a firestorm of negative feedback from a range of detractors; from those that scream "child exploitation" to those that think the promotion is pompous or simply badly delivered. We're in the second camp, as there are some interesting points raised in the video.

If we ignore the detractors and the voyeurism of what happens when a viral social media campaign goes bad, the content of the video is interesting and worthy of closer scrutiny. 

Those of us that are running small businesses will have an increasingly greater role in marketing and communicating to a rapidly changing market.

The look in these kids eyes scare me... 

Hat tip: Gareth Pearce

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