Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Kiwi Travel Habits

Our bright young friends at Trade Me's Travelbug have been doing a bit of research to raise the profile of their brand.

With the lure of winning an iPad2, almost 11,000 Kiwis completed Travelbug's online survey that gave a snapshot of their travel plans, habits, preferences and more. 

It was pleasing that 82% of Kiwis intend to indulge in domestic travel within the next 3-months. Not suprisingly, Queenstown wins the crown as the most favoured destination. 

One stat that looked a little iffy was that "71% of Kiwis usually stay in commercial accommodation." I would have thought that this was on the extreme side, however this result is probably understandable from a pool of consumers that visit an online travel website.   

In order to spare us wading through boring spreadsheets of results, Travelbug have kindly produced one of those nifty infographics for those of us that are challenged with short attention spans:

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