Monday, December 12, 2011

Should Today be a National Holiday?

Here it is folks - this is where it all started.
Kneel at the alter of the first - The world's first motel!

Today marks a monumental day in our history. On this special day, in 1925, the world's first motel opened, The Motel Inn in San Luis Obispo, California USA.

My annual virtual drive-by pilgrimage on Google Earth shows the sun setting on a hallowed site where time has stood still. 

What remains on this site should be a shrine. A museum. A monument to the great, exuberant, liberating, convenient, homey, seedy, memorable, storied, idiosyncratic and increasingly blurry phenomenon of the motel. 

At Motella HQ we salute the innovators of that great institution that we all take for granted, the humble and noble "motel." 

We will be spending today in celebratory mode and pausing to reflect on the contribution that the motel has given mankind.

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