Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Return to the Sunset Motel

Some guests will arrive at a motel reception in a state of disarray and distraction. Often they are at the end of a long journey and away from their usual environment, so it is understandable that sometimes they leave common courtesy at home and struggle to burst forth with basic communication.

Obviously an accommodation provider wishes to put newly arrived guests at ease and quickly dispatch them in a friendly and efficient manner, however sometimes extracting the courtesy of basic communication can be a chore.

I love it when my warm welcoming salutation is ignored by a newly arrived guest at my reception that is about to check in. An awkard silence ensues while the guest fumbles with various papers and then abruptly slaps down a reservation confirmation on the reception desk while blankly staring into the distance without uttering a word.

Another situation I find amusing is when a newly arrived guest again ignores my friendly salutation and simply responds by yelling their name at me.

In an ode to those special customers, Motella Productions have produced a second video that may provide just a little bit of therapy to those heroic, long-suffering accommodation providers over the pending busy season.

Again we must mention a disclaimer: The majority of our guests are fantastic folk. Most of them are motivated, engaging people that have an interesting story and purpose....However as a motelier sometimes you come across those rare high-maintenance "special-needs" guests that require you to maintain a smile while biting your tongue:

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