Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Stop The Insanity!

At Motella we are passionate about cars. We look upon the car as the ultimate prize of consumerism. We encourage our fellow man to rid themselves of senseless guilt and celebrate the benefits of living in a modern, mobile society while burning carbon - and staying at a few motels along the way!

Cars are a magical combination of ego, beauty, sex and function - and we reckon its perfect form should not be interfered with.

We have earnestly reported on the scourge of those My Family Stickers applied to car windows and exposed the silliness of car flags.

It disappoints us to learn of a new insidious trend is creeping into modern-day car culture - "Antler and red nose" car accessories! 

We urge the swelling mass of pride-deficient car-owners to desist with all this masterbatery-madness immediately!

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