Friday, December 16, 2011

More Disturbing "Do Not Disturb" Signs

In our post Disturbing "Do Not Disturb" Signs we discussed in-depth those flimsy "Do Not Disturb" door signs that are often used in hotels and motels. They allow guests that additional protective barrier to shut-out the outside world so that they may indulge in whatever the darkened confines of their rooms allow. 

Having housekeeping staff bursting-forth at an inopportune time can be off-putting for all concerned. 

As we highlighted in our post, some innovative accommodation providers make their Do Not Disturb signs into a quirky art-form, giving them a unique point of difference. But lets be honest - many accommodation providers don't provide these signs and those that do, usually default to bland. unimaginative corporate signs that are.....boring!

My suggestion for all those enlightened Kiwis that are about to join 4-million others to enjoy a bit of rest and relaxation is to create your own Do Not Disturb signs and take them on holiday with you. Don't settle for using a plain old boring Do Not Disturb sign that may be supplied in your guest room.

To make it easy, we've gathered a few inspired ideas below. Simply select your favourite, print out, cut around the edges and...Voila! All of a sudden your holiday will become just a little more interesting...

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