Thursday, April 4, 2013

Dive Into The Starlite Motel

"What hides behind the faded glamour of motel neon?
Anger, heartache, guilt, despair, anticipation, desire, hope, joy..."
The no-tell motel has many untold stories from those that stand in front and behind the motel reception counter....The stories are worthy of preserving and with some motels the classic roadside signs are also worth saving.

One aspect of American culture that we like is the sentimental fondness of retro-business pop-culture, that includes motels .

Interesting that the classic motel, Starlite Motel in Mesa Arizona has had its 1950's "Diving Lady" neon sign resurrected after a restoration project by the local preservation foundation.

The motel and the sign have a great history - read more about it HERE.

Although the roadside sign has been spruced-up, it looks like that's where the romance of a bygone era abruptly stops. The motel's glory days appear to be well behind it.

Hovering over the motel in Google Earth, it looks like the swimming pool has long been filled-in and the sole review on TripAdvisor is less than complimentary.

Judging by the motel management featured in the following video, it looks like the motel is now part of the current-day 'Patel-Motel' phenomenon that are keeping the dreams of faded-motels alive in America.


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