Sunday, April 7, 2013

Russel Norman To Enlighten Moteliers?

I was chatting to a fellow motelier earlier today that gave me reason to pause after his WTF revelation.

The Motel Association of NZ (MANZ) appear to be drip-feeding the announcement of speakers, building up to their 40th Conference and AGM to be held in Nelson later this year.

So who is the latest speaker that has been announced?

Who will front a small-but-perfectly-formed assembly of professional small-business owners at a time when the motel industry is searching for direction and inspiration?

Who is the person that will stand at a lectern in front of weary small-business owners offering encouragement, business-friendly advice and enlighten with innovative pathways forward?

Well, according to MANZ the answer is....Dr Russel Norman!

That's right, the prescribed male co-leader of The Greens, representing a political party of the naive and bewildered - Appealing to an eclectic mix of left-wing radicals that includes aging wanna-be hippies, dim-witted Generation Y youth and menopausal Remurea housewives.

The Geens are a narrow-minded, anti-business party, gift wrapped in green rhetoric. They promote statist policies that include common threads of either "banning it" or "taxing it". When they are completely stumped for ideas, they simply call for an enquiry.

Aussie export, Russel Norman is the man that has recently advocated solving New Zealand's economic woes with the mad-cap brainwave of printing billions of more money. While this would provide a temporary boon for Xerox, the hard-earned wealth of a vast number of Kiwis would be handed over to the state - But those noxious Watermelon Greens kinda like that!

At first glance it would appear that inviting the ilk of Russel Norman along to a business industry conference is a worthy of an ironic face-palm. Why would a trade association wish to legitimise the looney-extremes of the left?

While Russel Norman's conference gig may not serve to bolster MANZ's credibility as an association allegedly representing mainstream businesses, maybe this bizarre inclusion has been inspired to boost curious attendees?

What ever the reason, we're betting Russel Norman's conference presentation will be hilarious and prove to be a major conference highlight!

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