Saturday, April 20, 2013

Motel Rooms - What Happens Behind Closed Doors?


We've been closely following the outcome of an ongoing court case in Australia that will determine if an injury that occurred during a ''vigorous'' sex session in a motel while on a business trip counts as a work accident?

How the story unfolded...
"She was a public servant in her late 30s, passing through a quiet country town for a night on federal government business. He was a local she'd met a few weeks previously. Their steamy rendezvous in a Nowra motel room took place late one November evening in 2007. Five-and-a-half years later, it is heading for an unlikely denouement, most probably in the High Court.

The couple's names have never been released, but it is known from an agreed statement of facts that she contacted her new friend after finishing business for the day, met him for dinner, and they went back to her motel room for what was described as ''vigorous'' sex. During their tryst, a light fitting was pulled from the wall above the bed, and her evening ended in hospital with injuries to her mouth and nose.

The looming finale in the long battle over her workers' compensation claim (which insurer Comcare is seeking to appeal in the High Court) is now being nervously awaited by every boss around the country with employees who travel for work."
Whatever the outcome of the court case, all moteliers should become part of the solution to minimise health and safety risks of motel guests by immediately identifying all wall fixtures within reach of motel beds (that may be grasped for leverage purposes) and ensure that they are securely fastened!

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