Friday, April 26, 2013

Tourism Train Set For Sale

Here's something that caught my eye....

On the face of it, the exciting, dynamic world of owning a tourism business is a lot of fun and some may believe it's an industry that is license to print money faster than one of Russel Norman's mad-cap economic brainwaves. Sadly, the reality can be a little different.

Here's a tourism business opportunity that is probably typical of many hobbyist tourism businesses (just on a larger scale).

This may be a perfect fit for someone that has always dreamed of having their very own train set.

If "somebody else" will fork-out the funding, Auckland Mayor, Len Brown could be interested? Or maybe Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory could also consider putting his hand up?  

If you are blinded by your passion of steam trains, are not shy about loss-making ventures and don't mind heartache and hard graft, here's a "business" opportunity just for you:


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