Wednesday, April 17, 2013

More Motel Name Suppression

I see that the Human Rights Tribunal has made an interim ruling today that the murky identity of a convicted paedophile that is allegedly operating a Taupo motel will remain anonymous...for now.

Acting on behalf of the paedophile, The Human Rights Commission has been successful in gaining an interim name suppression order. This is in spite of an accusation in the media is that the  paedophile lied about living at and running a motel in his interim name suppression application earlier this month.

The Human Rights Commission is prosecuting the Sensible Sentencing Trust in the Auckland District Court today after they published details of the convicted paedophole on their online offender register.

The trust is claiming that there has never been name suppression of the paedophile but this is denied by him and the commission. 

The Truth Newspaper in last Thursday's print edition published the the convicted paedophile's name along with the motel he is allegedly running in Taupo.

While dodgy name suppression laws dictate that we are unable to publish the alleged motelier's name or the motel he allegedly operates, there is an irony that the convicted paedophile by whining to the Human Rights Commission has put the blowtorch on himself and his business.

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