Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mr and Mr Smith Booking Into A Motel Near You

I've been keeping a casual eye on the imminent passing of the gay marriage bill.

I've got no problem with any contract or relationship that adults willingly enter into. All sectors of society should have the opportunity to endure a mother-in-law!

There's been several media reports about the tourism opportunities that NZ's gay marriage bill may open-up. According to a story in yesterday's Dom, "Same-sex Aussie couples eye NZ wedding vows".

Apparently 2,000 Aussie gay couples are fizzing at the bung to get hitched and with easy access to New Zealand there could soon be a flood of happy same-sex couples enjoying Kiwi hospitality. With $36,000 spent on the average Aussie wedding, this niche tourism market would appear to have great economic benefits.

The General characteristics of same-sex couples dictate that they are ideal target customers for the motel industry. Same-sex couples are more likely to be domiciled in urban centres, are younger than opposite sex partnerships, have fewer dependent children, are in employment and highly educated.

We say, bring it on!

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