Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Motel Shower Relief

At Motella we announced our first environmental policy in our recent post HERE

Why not reward your guests for arriving at your motel on foot or by bicycle?

Not only can you help save the planet by reducing those nasty carbon emissions, but you can also tap into that growing market of sandal wearing Luddites that practice what they preach by refusing to use fossilized fuel when they travel.
We have been busily scouring the internet for new green policies to inflict on our unsuspecting guests.

We think we have stumbled upon a winner.

In order to appease ardent environmentalist amongst us, we will immediately suggest forthwith that all motel guests are to relieve themselves in the shower!

5 August 2009
Brazilians urged to 'go green' in the shower

Brazilians are being urged to save water and the country's forests by urinating in the shower.

Television ads show cartoon dancers, sportsmen and aliens relieving themselves while showering in order to avoid flushing.

The ads are produced by an environmental group that says each household can save more than 4,000 litres of water a year by avoiding one flush a day.

Source: Click HERE

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