Saturday, August 29, 2009

Exhibitionist hotel guests go wild

The view from room 9.24 at The Standard Hotel New York

If your accommodation complex is situated on a busy thoroughfare and has guest rooms with street facing windows, we suggest that you give serious consideration to a marketing idea from The Standard NYC.

The recently opened Standard Hotel is located in the heart of the Meatpacking District, "elevated above the High Line. With 337 rooms on 18 floors, the Hotel offers outstanding panoramic views of the Hudson and NY City."

The hotel caused a bit of a stir by encouraging guests to send them their naughty snaps taken while staying at the hotel. By all accounts guests enthusiastically obliged and the resulting publicity was widely reported in the mainstream media and caused a buzz around social networks. It is unclear what the hotel did with the pics? Rest assured dear readers that "Motella" will be scouring the internet in search of any objectionable material as part of our investigative brief.

Now, the Standard has decided to up the anti and embark on a new bolder publicity campaign by encouraging guests to put their sexual selves on display making use of the impressive floor to ceiling windows in the guest rooms.

This latest push for publicity is vulgar, tacky.... and is probably why we like it so much.

28 August 209

I have to laugh about the headline I wrote last March about the ultra-hip, modern Standard Hotel in New York City's: "Can The Standard hotel set new standards for NYC?," Well, it turns out that the glass-paneled hotel really has set new standards, but not for what you'd think...

The hotel - one of André Balazs' three Standards - encouraged exhibitionist guests to go wild in front of their floor-to-ceiling glass room windows, according to a New York Post report from earlier this week. People have been seen dancing naked, toweling themselves off and more, attracting throngs of photo-snapping voyeurs below and tons of (free) media buzz.

The Post outed the exhibitionist behavior as a publicity stunt encouraged by the hotel earlier this week. The Post story quotes a bellhop who told them that when the hotel had opened, staffers had been encouraged to pose in front of the windows naked and semi-dressed.

"One of the managers even got naked in a room, and filmed it -- they were considering a live feed for the Web site," the staffer told the Post. "She's an exhibitionist, too."

The Standard's now-changed Facebook page also beckoned daring behavior: "We encourage you to exercise your inner exhibitionist. Please share your intimate, and explicit photos with us — those floor to ceiling windows aren't just for the views."

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