Monday, August 3, 2009

National's Youth Employment Policy

Moteliers would have been vaguely interested in National's Youth Employment policy announced in the weekend.

We expect any uptake within the motel industry to be marginal at best. Those moteliers that may take the opportunity to take on taxpayer subsidised low-skilled young people for six months would need to be creative with job descriptions and stand down or reduce work from existing on-call staff.

By far the majority of moteliers are loyal to their existing staff, probably couldn't be bothered with the paperwork and would find it a challenge interacting with Generation-Y losers that would be propped up by the scheme.

What is dissappointing to most level-headed business owners, is the governement's misstrust of market forces by using welfare to try to create jobs.

Instead of supping with the devil, industry groups should be standing up for their members and respectfully pointing out that long term sustainable jobs are created from improving business freedoms, not government welfarism.

Maybe a good start would be the removal of the minumum wage?

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