Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Hotel offers room and tattoo package

In these hard recessionary times we live in, innovate ideas are needed to keep ahead of the pack.

We like The Hotel Erwin's promotion that has a definite point of difference!

24 August 2008

GUESTS at a US hotel can be left with a permanent reminder of their stay with the hotel's new room and tattoo package.

The Hotel Erwin in Venice Beach is offering guests a $119 voucher to get inked by the hotel's in-house tattoo and graffiti artist, Norm.

Costing $476, the "Ink and Stay" package includes a room, moisturising lotion, an icepack for healing and a bottle of tequila to numb the pain.

For those that can't decide what to have, the hotel is offering a $596 bonus to anyone who has "I Heart Hotel Erwin" etched into their skin.

Others can take ideas from Norm's artwork, which can be found all around the funky Los Angeles hotel.

Temporary tattoos will also be available for those looking for something less painful and permanent.

The offer runs until December 30, 2009.

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