Friday, August 14, 2009

Strange items left behind in motel rooms

We have previously done a post HERE about some of the weird and wonderful things left behind in our motel rooms over the years.

We have found a shotgun hidden under a bed, a large sum of money,
assorted pornography, sex toys and even an enormous bag of marijuana. We even had a husband drive off and leave behind his wife. 

As a travel tip, if you happen to arrive at a motel and find that you forgot to bring your cell phone charger - don't worry. Your friendly "Motella" will have a vast collection to choose from, left behind by previous guests;-)
By staff writers
August 13 2009

FROM sheep to a man handcuffed to the bed, Australian hotels have revealed the strangest items left behind by forgetful guests.

Australian travel agencies Last, and asked various hotels around the country to spill the beans on the most bizarre objects people have forgotten, and the results are surprising.
A motorcycle, sheep, an adult Spiderman costume, a prosthetic leg, a cat, wedding dress, underwear and a deceased man were included in the selection.

Hotel staff have also been shocked by numerous occasions where guests have forgotten their sex toys.
“There is a surprising amount of sex toys left behind in hotel rooms, which makes it quite awkward for guests to reclaim their lost property,” Mia Carter, spokesperson for said.

However one of the standout examples came from a housekeeper who found a man hand-cuffed to the bed.
“A hotel manager told me housekeeping went to clean the room and found the man hand-cuffed to the bed – they'd apparently had an argument and his partner had checked out without him,” spokeswoman Alana Theodore said.

At another hotel, staff were far from thrilled when one forgetful visitor left their dentures behind, forcing them to dig through rubbish to find them.

“One guest left a full set of dentures in box of KFC. Hotel cleaning staff had to sift through industrial bins to find them after guests called to have them returned,” Ms Theodore said.

Meanwhile, the most commonly left behind items included mobile phone chargers, toothbrushes, underwear and belts.

However, 67 per cent of around 2000 hotel guests surveyed by said they have never forgotten anything.

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