Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Motel Tryst Comes To A Sticky End

Accused ... (from left to right) Therese Ziemann, Wendy Sewell and Michelle Belliveau.

Within the confines of a motel room, emotions can run high.

From the dark side of motelling news, we enjoyed reading about a Wisconsin man who thought he was joining his lover at a motel for an afternoon tryst. Instead he was blindfolded and bound while she and three other women, including his wife, berated and humiliated him over his infidelity.

The incident that ended with the man tied to a bed with his penis superglued to his stomach, an apparent punishment for his womanising ways.

The ambush was said to have been set up by the man's wife after she found out he had cheated on her with a number of other women.

48-year-old Therese Ziemann met the man through the Craigslist website. They began an affair, and Ziemann became sufficiently smitten to pay for his use of a motel room for two months, as well as giving him about $3,000.

Ziemann met the man's wife and learned that not only was he married but had a series of other girlfriends from whom he had also extracted money. The following day, she tempted the man to the Lakeview Motel in the village of Stockbridge and suggested he let her tie him up and blindfold him for a massage.

As soon as he was secured, Ziemann cut off the man's underwear with scissors and sent text messages to summon the man's wife, another of his lovers and Ziemann's sister to assist her.

When the other women arrived Ziemann hit the man in the face and attached his penis to his stomach using superglue. The hapless man was then confronted by a barrage of abuse by the women asking "which one do you love more?" and "who do you want to grow old with?" .

The women fled – allegedly with the man's wallet, phone and car – after he started screaming. He managed to chew through one of the bindings and borrowed a telephone from the motel owner to call police.

Now it's the women who face punishment. Ziemann, her sister, 43-year-old Michelle Belliveau, the other lover, Wendy Sewell, also 43, and the man's wife, who is not being named so as to avoid identifying him, have been charged with false imprisonment. Ziemann is also charged with fourth-degree sexual assault.

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