Monday, June 14, 2010

Enjoy Capitalism

I have had a few people comment on the advertising that has crept onto "Motella." 

We get the odd request from companies wishing to advertise on our blog - some we run with, others we don't.

More lofty blogs than ours have a clean, commercial free canvas, however we have a few click-able adds scattered about our blog that are mixture of paid adverts from companies we like dealing with and content from Google Adsense that earns us revenue per click.

Hey, we make no apologies for our rampant commercialism. We are unashamedly traders and still get an adrenalin rush whenever we make a sale - so we encourage you to randomly click away at our advert links after reading our words of wisdom!

We were interested to learn of a motel lease for sale that is being promoted via the web, including various social networks and an Adwords campaign. We have placed the following graphic on our blog's sidebar to assist with the on-line marketing efforts. We encourage you to click on it to check it out:

Disclaimer: Please do not be perturbed that the writer of this blog has a financial interest in the above property;-)

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