Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Is This The Best Airline Ad Ever?

We admire Air New Zealand's savvy use of non-PC advertising across all mediums, especially in the social media space. 

Who could forget the Grab a Seat Cougar viral video (picture above), the Nothing to Hide campaign or taking the p*ss out of troughing MPs that included the "Sprung in Paris specials"ad featuring Hone Harawira.

However Air New Zealand's edgy advertising crown is under threat as other international airline companies catch up fast with their own innovative and non-PC ad campaigns.

Spirit Airlines recently launched a bold and cheeky advertising campaign that poked fun at the BP oil spill disaster that featured oil drenched women in bikinis. Their previous campaigns in the US that caused a stir included "M.I.L.F. (Many Islands, Low Fares)" and "We're no Virgin: We've been cheap and easy for years." 

Of all the recent campaigns we have been the most impressed with a new ad by Russian airline, Avianova. They feature bikini-clad flight attendants stripping out of their stewardess uniforms and washing the company’s planes.

The ad is extremely sexist, tacky and ironically funny. Kinda makes you want to travel...

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