Wednesday, June 2, 2010

There's Nothing Like 100% Pure?

I guess as Kiwis we can feel somewhat proud of Tourism New Zealand's enduring destination marketing campaign, 100% Pure - as long as you ignore the funding issues, the questionable ROI and the fact that the 100% Pure slogan has been undermined by rabid environmentalists...

At least we can appreciate the stirring and emotive marketing collateral that the campaign has produced.

It is unclear how many overseas tourists have been spurred into travelling to our shores after watching a Tourism New Zealand 100% Pure commercial, however this qualification seems to pale into insignificance when discussing publicly funded generic tourism campaigns. 

The campaign has taken on a mystical life of its own within the NZ tourism industry and is therefore regarded as a success. Kiwis feel sentimental about the 100% Pure branding and the campaign is revered by the marketing fraternity.

So Kiwis can rightfully feel smug while watching the train wreck that is Tourism Australia’s destination marketing efforts with the latest campaign using the line “There’s Nothing Like Australia”.

As part of the campaign, Tourism Australia’s new television commercial has been released and on first impression it looks like an unimaginative cringe-worthy, daggy sing-a-long that has been cobbled together by a committee from a by-gone era. When I first saw it, I honestly thought someone was taking the p*ss.

It is interesting to see the savaging being dished out by many Australians via the Mumberella website. 

The Tourism Industry Blog invites the Kiwi tourism community an opportunity to make comment and critique the ad.

We suggest that you first check-it out for yourself:

In comparison, we reckon that the following Tasmania tourism destination ad is much better ;-)

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