Monday, June 28, 2010

"Juicy" Hotel

What happens when a car rental company with existing standout, garish branding decides to enter the accommodation industry?

Jucy Rentals have launched the Jucy Hotel brand and have opened their first hotel in Auckland over the weekend. They have applied their corporate colour palette to their unique inner city accommodation complex and have checked-in the iconic Jucy Lucy.

Guests crawling back to their room after indulging in some late night bar-hopping activities may have wished that Jucy had toned down their striking in-room colour scheme, however we like the radical departure from the muted gray tones currently popular with motel/hotel decor.

We like the branding and their fresh new website HERE that uses an intuitive online reservation engine and uses social media links well. The brand will continue to target the younger, budget conscious demographic.

We think that rental cars and accommodation will be a successful synergy, particularly starting off in a popular gateway location. 

Will "Jucy" be the Kiwi equivalent to the "Virgin brand?" We wonder what other markets the Juicy brand will be applied to?

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