Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Hotel Kid-napping

We love this goat prank story reported in USA Today.

A couple staying at the Fairbridge Inn and Suites in Washington arrived back at their hotel early on Sunday morning expecting to bed down for the night. When they opened the door to their guest room they were shocked to find a bemused goat staring back at them.

Half an hour earlier, two men entered the hotel claiming that they had lost the key to their room. The hotel clerk gave them a spare key to a room that the men had chosen the room number at random and shortly after gaining access they were able to sneak a goat into the already occupied room.

The room's astonished occupants returned later and reported finding the goat to local police. 

An intoxicated 26-year-old man was later picked up by police and charged with suspicion of theft of livestock and second-degree burglary. 

The second suspect is still at large and the goat has been returned to its owners after its kid-napping none the worse for wear.

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