Thursday, August 12, 2010

"Yellow Pages" Gives The Fingers!

As a small business we are open to an increasing amount of scam offers.

Recently, we received the following fax from a company claiming to be from "Yellow Page New Zealand." All we needed to do was simply fill out a few simple details, sign and fax back and our business would be submitted to Google in order for folk to easily find us- sounds like a great service!

If fellow business owners bother to read the small print it may dampen some enthusiasm. Signing this document apparently locks the business owner into a 2-year contract at a monthly cost of $159.

OK, we have seen this MO many times before, however what struck us was the scammers unique sense of humour. The Yellow Pages logo that they were using to trade-off had been cheekily turned upside down to give their prospective clients the fingers ;-)

Yellow Pages Scam

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