Thursday, August 26, 2010

Social Media WIN

We will never know if it was the barrage of outrage from Kiwi blogs or if the National Business Review had an unprompted sudden change of heart and decided to do the right thing:
"The National Business Review unreservedly apologises for the confusion surrounding our 40th birthday competition. It was never our intention to cause confusion about the voting for the Win Your Weight in Veuve promotion but people have expressed frustration and we have listened to their concerns.
The official winner (as chosen by the judges from the top 10 voted entries) will be announced, on schedule, in NBR print tomorrow.
In addition, the publisher will personally provide Busted Blonde’s weight in Veuve Clicquot to her to demonstrate that NBR will not allow its integrity, transparency or honesty in its dealings with its readers to be compromised in any way. She received the most online votes in the competition and NBR happily salutes that success.
As a responsible host, the publisher would, however, appeal to Busted Blonde to urge her guests to wear life jackets if celebrating their win on Wellington Harbour. Let the festivities begin."
A "Spectacular Social Media FAIL" has been turned into a social media WIN.

Social media celebrity, Busted Blond can now "organise a kick arse party!" that will generate some great publicity.

And how much did Busted Blond win?

At the risk of of revealing the vivacious lady's weight, Busted Blond has received 62 bottles of Veuve clicquot. 60 ordinary bottles and a magnum. 

Should be a fantastic party;-)

UPDATE: BB appears on Campbell Live:

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