Wednesday, August 11, 2010

June Guest Night Stats a Pleasant Surprise

The latest accommodation survey results for June have been released today by Statistics New Zealand. 

Overall it's good news with total guest nights in June 2010 increasing by 7 percent compared with June 2009. After May recorded the only comparable guest night decrease for the year so far, June's positive results are to be welcomed. With the first month of Winter's guest night results behind us, trade so far has not lived up to the worst of gloomy predictions.

Against a longer term trend, the North Island has out performed the South Island for the second month in a row by achieving an 8 percent increase in guest nights, compared to the South Island's 6 percent increase. 

Ten of the 12 regions recorded more guest nights in June 2010 than in June 2009 with the West Coast and Nelson/Marlborough/Tasman isolating themselves from the pack as the only regions to record a decrease.
The regions showing the largest decreases were: 
  • Bay of Plenty, up 24 percent
  • Otago, up 11 percent
  • Auckland, up 7 percent).
International visitor guest nights in June 2010 increased by 4 percent compared with June 2009. 

It was especially pleasing to see that domestic guest nights increased by 9 percent in June 2010 compared with June 2009. This all but cancels out the domestic decline recorded the previous month. After staying at home for the first month of Winter, Kiwis appear to have stirred and have made the most of the fair-weather. 

Hotels attracted the lion's share of June's guest night increase and continue the trend of taking market share from other sectors. Hotels had the largest increase in guest nights, up 9 percent compared with June 2009.

All other accommodation types also recorded increases: 
  • motels, up 5 percent
  • holiday parks, up 14 percent
  • backpackers, 1 percent.
Hotels had the highest occupancy rate (44 percent) of all the accommodation types in June 2010, followed by motels (37 percent), and backpackers (32 percent).

It has to be kept in mind that June 2009 was considered to be a relatively low base month that may have made comparable increases recorded in June 2010 somewhat flattering. However, a win is a win and we optimistically look forward to maintaining guest night increases throughout the cooler months ahead.

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