Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Trial Of Social Commentary?

We have been following with some interest today's trial of controversial blogger, Cameron Slater. He is defending nine charges of breaching name suppression, and one of identifying a victim in a sex case on his popular blog,

Cameron has made no secret of his crusade against the current name suppression laws and is defending charges that relate to allegedly outing high profile New Zealanders by using pictograms and encrypted messages on his blog.

We admire Cameron's audacity and are amused by the irony that the publicity from the trial that is widely covered in social media and repeated in the MSM will only serve to raise the profile of his cause.

Interestingly, Slater's lawyer has claimed that his client is exempt from name suppression laws, as blogging is a form of commentary.

We look forward to the decision on the case due on September 14.

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