Friday, September 17, 2010

Great Kiwi Road Trips Event Launch!

AA Tourism boss, Peter Blackwell has often described himself as a "one-trick-pony" by consistently reminding everyone that cares to listen that his organisation stands alone in promoting domestic tourism.

In the latest AA Advertiser Newsletter, Peter Blackwell gets passionate:
"I always end my introduction to this newsletter by saying 'see you on the road'. On Monday this motto goes nationwide with the launch of Great Kiwi Road Trips, our massive domestic tourism campaign. As we have now come to expect, we are promoting domestic tourism without any contribution from the government, but we have welcomed big support from some of New Zealand’s leading companies and over 600 local tourism businesses. I hope this unified effort can motivate a few families to leave the mall and discover everything New Zealand has to offer."
The AA have created a great heroic self-promotional story and have assigned themselves as the market leader in domestic tourism promotion. The motel industry probably doesn't give AA Tourism the credence it deserves as over 70 percent of guest nights hosted at motels are domestic folk. 

Great Kiwi Road Trips is the AA's new tactical domestic tourism campaign that is an update on last year's successful 101 campaign. It will create some great opportunities to spotlight some iconic Kiwiana eye candy and promote the concept of burning carbon between domestic stopovers. 

We like that.

It is disappointing that only two RTOs are participating in Great Kiwi Road TripsChristchurch & Canterbury Tourism and Venture Taranaki. In a tough market it will be interesting to see the makeup of other advertisors that took the opportunity to sign on. 

The following video prop was created several months ago to help spread the word to prospective advertisers. 

You might recognise the voice – its Peter Elliott – the same guy who voiced the 101 campaign – the tone of this video will be the same as the eventual 30 second TV commercial that will be used to help launch the campaign to the market.

If you happen to be hanging around Mexicali Fresh, Princess Wharf tomorrow between 11:00am - 1:00pm, why not check out the Great Kiwi Road Trips Pit Stop Event Launch.

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